Technical SEO

A marketer’s guide to mobile-first indexing

In Google’s ever-continuing efforts to follow user trends and make the web more mobile friendly, mobile-first indexing was rolled out. Read this guide to find out what it is and how you can use it to it’s best ability for marketing and website success.

1 year ago

The step-by-step guide on how to prepare for Google's Page Experience update

Having good user experience (UX) is something every webmaster should strive for. With Google's Page Experience update rolling out in May 2021, we’ve outlined what this is and how you can prepare for it.

1 year ago

Fine-tune your content in 2021 with these SEO tips and trends

As we take our first steps into 2021, now’s the time to identify the most effective ways to use content to connect your business with its audiences. Not only will this help you get ahead of the competition, but after a curveball year in 2020, it’ll ensure you’re on the right track if your audiences’ behaviours online have changed at all.

1 year ago

Inside Screaming Frog: Top Takeaways From The Workshop

Ensuring that your URLs can be crawled and indexed is a cornerstone of SEO. If Google can’t find that lovely content you want to get in front of your customers, what’s the point in writing it, right?

3 years ago

Our top takeaways from BrightonSEO

April’s installment of BrightonSEO did not disappoint, bringing together some of the best speakers from the world of SEO, not to mention crowds who love to powwow all things digital! If you didn’t make it there...

4 years ago

Google changes affecting local queries

As Google continuously updates in order to keep up with our ever-changing world of tech, we ask, what are the recent changes affecting local queries?

4 years ago

Ditch the hassle: Excel secrets to master keyphrase research

Thorough keyphrase research is a cornerstone of good SEO and often takes a lot of time to produce and organise. At 3WhiteHats, we use Microsoft Excel to sort and group keyphrases, aiming to make it as easy as...

5 years ago

How to respond to negative Google My Business reviews

Encouraging your customers to leave a Google My Business (GMB) review is more than just a good SEO tactic. It can be great for your brand too. But what do you do should a dreaded negative GMB review arrive?...

5 years ago

Seven beginner WordPress plugins

In this article we've compiled some of the absolute best WordPress SEO plugins – and more – for making the job of optimising your website that much easier.

5 years ago

SEO tools we love!

Tools, tools, tools; in digital marketing there are plenty to choose from, but which ones make the cut when it comes to providing useful insights? We’ve been rummaging in our SEO toolbox, and want to share...

5 years ago

YouTube vs Vimeo: defining the best platform for businesses

These two video hosting juggernauts have been around for over 12 years now, each offering a unique way of publishing and consuming content in an increasingly video-orientated marketing world. The question is,...

5 years ago

Encouraging Google Reviews in 2017

If your company isn’t on Google My Business (GMB) yet, you’re missing out on free and highly valuable exposure. Since 2014, GMB has provided a direct way for you to tell Google - the search engine used in 87%...

5 years ago

The boom of video in SEO

Here’s a look at where video is today, what can be expected from 2017, and how to ensure you are optimising for best results both onsite and offsite.

5 years ago

Things we learned from September’s Brighton SEO

It was yet another stellar Brighton SEO, booming with digital creatives from across the country and brimming with cutting edge knowledge and industry insight. The September conference proved to be the largest...

6 years ago

Google’s infinite scroll results – the potential effects on digital marketing

Google has publicly tested their ‘infinite scrolling’ functionality in search results. We look at the effects of this on digital marketing, if it is to be rolled out.

7 years ago

Auditing content using SEO Tools for Excel Pro 4.3.4

Here we explore the Spider feature, as we’ve been looking for a way to audit the performance of articles on the 3WhiteHats blog more quickly and accurately.

7 years ago

Update to the presentation of URLs in mobile search

Google have announced changes aimed at helping improve organic listings for users searching from a mobile device, focusing on the presentation of URLs.

7 years ago

Everything you need to know about the mobile-friendly algorithm update

The Google mobile-friendly algorithm update explained, with information on why being mobile-friendly is important for a website, and the next steps.

7 years ago

Are you ready for Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update?

For the first time, Google has pre-announced an algorithm update with a specific date, and, unsurprisingly, it’s focused on mobile. Read more here

7 years ago

An interview with Niels Bosma – creator of SeoTools for Excel

Digital marketing agency 3WhiteHats speak to Niels Bosma - the creator of SeoTools for Excel. See why he created the add-on & what features to expect

8 years ago

Best Chrome extensions for SEOs

The Top Chrome Extensions for SEO and links to Download them. A post by 3WhiteHats Digital Marketing Agency. Get Found. Be Happy.

8 years ago

What Top Gun can teach us about white-hat SEO

What the film Top Gun can teach us about White-Hat SEO practices in 2014. A guide to gaining great links and enhanced visibility by 3WhiteHats.

8 years ago

SEO Excel Tool: website linking metrics

The SEO linking metrics tool for Excel has been created to help you sort the wheat from the chaff, helping you to quickly identify the best link prospects.

9 years ago

Google Penguin 2.0 round up

An industry round-up of Google Penguin 2.0 case studies, tools and useful resources.

9 years ago

Single page 301 redirects on different platforms

Learn how to implement a 301 redirect from one page to another for different platforms, such as PHP, Java, Apache, ASP, CGI, Python, ColdFusion & Ruby.

9 years ago