The Radix podcast: SEO copywriting for B2B

Tom Telford

Managing Director

In Radix's latest podcast episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, our Managing Director, Tom Telford talks about the important relationship between SEO and copywriting, and why the two should never be mutually exclusive.

A bit about Radix...

Radix Communications are a creative agency, and, since ‘07, have been working their copywriting magic with in-house and agency-side marketers across B2B industries. We’re proud to be partner agencies with Radix and have successfully worked together on client website copy.

Two Worlds

Content and SEO are often thought of as two separate worlds, however, you’ll find the two work hand-in-hand. If the hosting website is optimised correctly and its copy is SEO-friendly, writing will have a huge impact.

When copywriting for B2B, technology and data can occasionally be accused of ‘killing’ creativity. Tom joins Radix Founder, Fiona Campbell-Howes and Creative Director, David McGuire, to discuss how search engine data can be a fundamental tool in content creation, and outlines the benefits that can be reaped when copywriters keep SEO in mind.

More than copy

During this podcast, we cover what you should be thinking about when creating content, why a realistic objective is needed, and why keyphrases are the holy grail of SEO.

 “The keyphrase is the central pivot for everyone, that’s the KPI from an SEO perspective”.

Go on, have a listen: Podcast 64: SEO copywriting for B2B

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