Google Penguin 2.0 round up

Isaac Bullen

Asia Pacific Director

There has been a lot of chatter about the recent Google Penguin 2.0 update; who was hit, strategies for recovery, and how to build links now. In this post I've brought together some of the most useful Penguin resources from all corners of the web.



Official Word

Matt Cutts announced the next generation of Penguin updates on May 22, which effected 2.3% of search queries.

Read "The Official Announcement" By Matt Cutts -


What Is Penguin?

With so many updates, it's easy to confuse the various black and white creatures, Marie explains the algorithm updates, link penalties, and how they effect a website, nicely.

Read "The Difference Between Penguin and an Unnatural Links Penalty" By Marie Haynes -


What Type Of Sites Are Effected?

In reality, Google isn't reinventing the SEO wheel, but simply tightening their algorithm. Jayson has listed the types of link building effected and how to move forward.

Read "What is Likely Changed and How to Recover" By Jayson DeMers -


Have I Been Effected?

The aptly named "Panguin Tool" is an Analytics overlay which plots known Google Algorithm changes against a websites visitor log; great for spotting gains or dips.

Check whether your website was ffected with the Panguin Tool By Barracuda Digital -

Fruition, have released a tool which estimates the likeliness of being effected by Google Updates, from our testing it can bit a bit hit-and-miss.

Check the probability of your website being effected by algorithm updates with the Penalty Checker By Fruition -



Penguin Recovery & Case Studies

Another resource from Marie is one where she shares some anonymous data from Webmaster Tools, showing positive and negative results of websites effected by the Penguin Update.

Read "Google Penguin 2.0 Recoveries" By Marie Haynes -

An interesting case study is CheapOAir, a website heavily effected by Penguin.  It's a really comprehensive study and well worth a gander.

Read "CheapoAir Hit Hard" By Harald Tschuggnall -

Another case study worth casting your eye over is "Recovering from an Algorithmic penalty using 301 redirects",  it's a personal case study where Shannon had received an unnatural link warning in Webmaster Tools and redirected the infected site to another domain.

Read "Recovering from an Algorithmic Penalty Using 301 Redirects" By Shannon Travis -


Disavowing Links

If you have been effected, it's likely that you are looking at the possibility of disavowing links, Cyrus's guide takes you through the process.

Read "Disavowed: Secrets of Google's Most Mysterious Tool" By Cyrus Shepard -

When it comes to Google’s Disavow Tool, there was plenty of speculation and testing as to what approach to take. Should webmasters disavow everything and start to clean? According to this post you should disavow whole domains and go big.

Read "Use a Machete, Not a Scalpel" By Jennifer Sleg -


Link Audit Tools

There are a handful of tools emerging which can help you to get a better insight into a websites back link profiles, the following three are ones I have either tested or have read good reviews about.

 Remove 'em 


Post Penguin Link Building

Link audits, link ratios, relevance and anchor text! Future-proof Penguin link building tactics.

Read "The True Value of Link Building" By Jason Acidre -


Google Algorithm Changes In 2013

For a list of all Google updates, visit Algorithm Changes at


If you have an awesome post on post penguin link building, a case study documenting your successful Penguin recovery, or anything which might add value to my post then please drop me an e-mail or comment below, I'd like to hear from you. Also, if you have any Penguin cinemagraphs to help break up this post, I'd love to include them!

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