Best Chrome extensions for SEOs

Jon Baglow

Senior SEO Specialist

As you may be aware there are a huge number of SEO extensions available for Chrome. You can find most of them on Google’s Chrome Web Store. These extensions are well categorised, but it’s still difficult to know which are most useful. To save you from having to go through a lot of trial and error, we’ve identified the most useful Chrome extensions for SEO:

Backlink Analyser from Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

To analyse the backlink profile of sites, Majestic SEO offers some of the most popular tools on the web. This Chrome extension will give you ready access to many useful metrics provided by Majestic SEO. You can get this extension for free and quite a bit of data is provided free of charge as well but, if you have a Majestic account, you can link it directly and view additional link detail right from your Chrome browser. Click here to download this extension / Follow the developer @MajesticSEO.



Among professional SEOs Moz Analytics is the top choice for getting useful marketing analytics data. For most SEOs Mozbar is one of the top Chrome extensions as it enables you to view key SEO metrics while you’re surfing the web. After you install this extension you will be able to view numerous SEO metrics such as domain authority, page authority, keyword highlights, link profile and more. These metrics are also integrated with search results. It also will give you access to a number of additional SEO tools.  An alternative to Mozbar which offers similar functionality is SEOquake, which is also a popular Chrome extension. Click here to download this extension / Follow the developer @Moz.


PageRank Status

PageRank Status

This extension gives you the ability to obtain all the statistics and links to tools that you’ll need in order to analyse a page effectively. For instance, on the webpage you're currently visiting, it will provide:  traffic stats, SEO stats, link stats, page information, domain information and page speed.  PageRank status will even display all the external and internal links for a page in a list as well as differentiate nofollow and dofollow links. Click here to download this extension.

SEO & Website Analysis from WooRank

WooRank SEO Tool

This extension provides a detailed SEO report for webpages. It executes a thorough webpage analysis and displays the following: page visitors, mobile optimisation, social monitoring, SEO content, SEO basics, SEO keywords, SEO links, SEO authority, security, usability and technologies. Click here to download this extension / Follow the developer @woorank.

Check My Links


This useful Chrome extension will crawl the webpage you are on, identify links that are broken and highlight them. It’s also helpful for designers, web developers and content marketers. This can also be used to identify opportunities for link building. For instance, if you find a link that’s broken on a high PR page, you can alert the webmaster and ask them if they’d like to use your own content as an alternative. Click here to download this extension.

SEO SERP Workbench

SEO SERP Workbench

Rather than searching for positions in the SERPs manually, this Chrome extension will allow you to rapidly check the positions of multiple pages in the SERPs for a specific keyword. That way you can quickly view the position of your own site and your competitor’s sites.  It also has some helpful export and import functions, and rankings can be checked in real-time. Click here to download this extension.


SEO Serp

Don’t need the whole workbench?  SEO SERP is the quick and easy to use alternative which shows the position of a website or websites for a keyword on the Google Search Engine. The beauty of this extension is its simplicity. Click here to download this extension .

PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

Available for Google Chrome and Firefox, this Chrome extension can analyse a webpage’s performance and give suggestions as to how they can be made faster. Yahoo also offers their own version of this tool called YSlow. Click here to download this extension.



Scraper allows you to extract specific elements and attributes from a webpage using Xpath expressions. Just select the element you want to scrape, right click and click scrape – it’s that simple. Click here to download this extension.

Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant helps to detect both correctly and incorrectly installed tags on a page such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager and more. We are hoping to see transaction tracking for e-commerce tags in the future, which will make this a must have for your toolbox. Click here to download this extension .

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