GA Bulk View Editor


GA Bulk View Editor is a Google Sheets add-on for Google Analytics that allows you to update multiple Google Analytics views at a time using a spreadsheet interface. Ever needed to enable bot filtering or change timezones for an entire account? Tedious right? Not any more!

Grab your copy of the add-on from the Google Sheets Store.

How it works

Within the add-ons menu of Google Sheets you should see the application named GA Bulk View Editor. Click “Launch Sidebar” from the navigation and this will launch the application.

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Next, select the Google Analytics account that you need to edit the views of and select Get views. This will export your selected accounts’ list of properties and their views, alongside the view settings. This data is already very helpful for auditing accounts or for a quick sanity check of your settings.

Should you want to make any changes to your views make the changes to the spreadsheet and when you are happy click Publish changes. This will immediately publish all data within your sheet to Google Analytics. Note: Any field that is left blank will not be sent to Google Analytics.

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Privacy Policy

What data is collected?

This add-on interfaces directly with the Google Analytics Management API and does not store any data provided nor does it process any data from it’s users. The add-on does record anonymised usage and error logs to help with debugging of the application. This data cannot be used to identify a user.

How is data used?

Data is not used for any purpose other than to fix errors or identify when API quota increases are needed.

Is my data shared?

No data is stored and your data is not shared with any third parties.

Terms of Use (“terms”)

Last Updated: 27th May 2019

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