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3WhiteHats Needs You!

If you’re a numbers oriented person, but with some creative flair about you too, why not apply for our latest vacancy?

Our Paid team is growing again and we are looking for an account exec to join 3WhiteHats. This can be your first job in Paid/PPC, or maybe you’ve got some experience already. We’re open to all and will provide you with training both internally and externally.

That said, if you’re an experienced paid expert already and looking for a new challenge – drop us a line too. We can tailor our job specs.

Join us and work with clients globally from our beautiful waterside offices in Falmouth. All members of the 3WhiteHats framily benefit from a personal training budget, access to the team paddle boards & kayaks, team lunch together, lots of team activities and nights out – all in a great working environment with likeminded people.

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The Ultimate Guide to using UTM Tags

Getting to grips with using UTMs can help you understand how users are visiting your site at a more granular level. Often, UTMs are used for campaign performance monitoring and can be vital for spend adjustment. They can also help understand how different audiences respond to different types of content and the precise terms used to find your website.

2 months ago

Tracking HubSpot forms with Google Tag Manager

When a form has been successfully submitted to HubSpot, HubSpot propagates an event that we can listen to and use to trigger marketing tags within Google Tag Manager. Below we create a Custom HTML Tag that listens for a form success, trigger a dataLayer event which can then be used to trigger a marketing tag to push this data into Google Analytics.

3 months ago

Advanced ContactForm7 Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Track your Wordpress ContactForm7 submissions and improve user experience with our Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics custom event script. 

3 months ago

GTM: Why you shouldn't be using Auto-Event listeners (and some alternatives!)

Google Tag Manager’s auto-event listeners are a huge USP for the product, but what you gain in flexibility you may be losing in account control and data integrity.

4 months ago

The Radix podcast: SEO copywriting for B2B

In Radix's latest podcast episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, our Managing Director, Tom Telford talks about the important relationship between SEO and copywriting, and why the two should never be mutually exclusive.

5 months ago